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What is CPC?

Tired of the same old lame crypt-crawlin’ NFTs? Wanna spark your dark side with something truly dank? Then blaze it up with the Cadaver Pot Club, where 10,000 stoned skeletons chill on Cardano, each one a unique set of traits waiting to ignite your portfolio.  Over 100 traits, limited supply – get your Cadaver and rise with us!

But hold on, this ain’t your grandpa’s NFT racket. This is a community-driven project where anyone can blaze a trail and make an impact. We got the dankest goods to fuel your fire:

  • $FLEsH Token: Freshly launched on proven memecoin tokenomics, ready for our community to rally around. No shady crypt deals, just pure dankness for all.
  • Fully Fair Launch: We ain’t into backroom shenanigans, No insider BS just good vibes and smokin’ opportunities for everyone.
  • NFT Utilities: Your Cadaver ain’t just a pretty skull, it’s a ticket to the dankest party. Collab mints and buybacks keep the flames burnin’.
  • FLEsHINO: A smokin’ hot gaming platform ready to scale over 10,000 games with $FLESH at its core.
  • Staking: Light up your Cadaver NFT and watch the $FLESH drip roll in every 420 UTC. Munchies ain’t got nothin’ on this dank reward system.
  • Global Bud Branding: Soon your local herb will be rockin’ the Cadaver Pot Club logo, spreadin’ the word across the globe.

So don’t just sit there, crypt dweller! Grab your Cadaver and let the smokin’ good times (and decentralization) roll. Fuel your soul with $FLEsH and blaze a new path in the CNFT crypt. Remember, this ain’t just a project, it’s a movement. Join the club!

See you on the dank side!

$FLEsH Meme Token

$FLEsH, a fully distributed 100% launched token with LP tokens completely burned. A rug-proof, no-insider-BS, open opportunity for everyone.

10k NFT Collection

Introducing the 'Cadaver Pot Club' NFT Collection on Cardano: 10,000 unique, eternal digital cadavers, dining on $FLEsH every 420 UTC, forever living undead on the cardano blockchain.

CPC Utility

Utilities from a degen memecoin? Crazy, right! Our community has collectively launched a gaming platform, minted and launched collaborative NFT sets, NFT staking, and established brand partnerships for distribution on legal bud packaging all over the US.

Cadaver Pot Club


$FLEsH TOKEN – a fully distributed 100% launched token with LP tokens completely burned. A rug-proof, no-insider-BS, open opportunity for everyone. Your gateway to a whole new dimension in the crypto memeverse. This isn’t just any token; it’s a wild ride that adds an undead to your token collection. With a totally fair launch, we’re throwing the doors open to everyone, inviting all to join the club. Grab your Cadaver, pile up your $FLEsH, and gear up for an unforgettable adventure across the blockchain. Here, we’re not just about transactions and trades; we’re about mixing viral memes and good times!




Enter the amount of ADA you want to swap, approve the transaction from your wallet, and you’re done! You’ve just bought $FLEsH

Total Supply

420 Quadrillion



Policy ID:  a1ce0414d79b040f986f3bcd187a7563fd26662390dece6b12262b52

Liquidity has been burned




Liquidity has been burned

$FLEsH is Rugproof!

Total Supply

420 Quadrillion



Enter the amount of ADA you want to swap, approve the transaction from your wallet, and you’re done! You’ve just bought $FLEsH

Cadaver Pot Club

Get Your own CADAVER NFT

10,000 uniquely stoned cadavers, eternally undead on the Cardano blockchain. With over 100 diverse traits, including rare exotic ones, they are used to stake for $FLESH drips and grant access to exclusive content, downloads, and launches.

Metaverse Cadavers, an extraordinary 1/1 limited edition collection of 420 NFTsIn Collaboration with Dr Surreal Metaverse Cadavers

Bonus NFT – Exclusive Downloads – Prizes
Metaverse Cadavers




FLESHINO GAMING, the ultimate community-run gaming platform scaling up to 10,000 games for endless fun! Start gaming with us and get 2,500 free credits when you sign up. Enjoy a 10% bonus on your first deposit (starting from just 100 credits) and keep the excitement alive. Bring your friends along and earn bonuses through our Affiliate Program every time they play. Plus, don’t miss out on regularly topping up your balance with extra free credits through our Faucet feature. Ready to test your luck and have some fun at it? Visit  FLESHINO.com!

Cadaver Pot Club

Cadaver pot clubs gaming platform fleshino

Get ready to ignite your gaming experience because FLEsHINO’s got some smokin’ hot updates coming your way! We’re talking a blazing expansion to 10,000 games, fiery sports betting, and crypto predictions that’ll have you on the edge of your seat.

But that’s not all, folks! Every click, every win is fueling the fire, sending $FLEsH straight to our staking contracts. That’s right, you’re not just gaming; you’re farming crypto yield and watching your $FLEsH stash grow!

So gear up, degens! FLEsHINO’s updates are about to set the gaming world ablaze. Join the club and let’s turn up the heat together. Stay tuned for the dankest gaming experience yet!



Spin to Win
Over 500 HD Slot Games from Top Providers

Slot enthusiasts, get ready for a game-changing upgrade! FLEsHINO is bringing you a massive expansion with over 500 slot games from the industry’s top gaming providers. Immerse yourself in the thrill of HD graphics and captivating soundtracks as you spin your way to epic wins.

Experience the future of slot gaming with FLEsHINO. It’s not just about spinning the reels; it’s about diving into a world of unparalleled excitement and entertainment. Get ready to spin, win, and elevate your gaming experience to new heights!

1000x Plays
FLEsHINO’s Crypto Predictions

Crypto enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, get ready for an electrifying addition to our platform! FLEsHINO’s upcoming update is all about high-stakes crypto predictions with the potential for 1000x degen plays. Feel the excitement as you make your bets on meme coin movements, with each prediction offering a chance to strike it big.

Our platform is set to deliver edge-of-your-seat gambling action, where every decision could lead to epic wins. Brace yourself for an exhilarating ride through the unpredictable world of crypto, and see if you have what it takes to conquer the market. The next big update is just around the corner, so stay tuned for a whole new level of crypto betting with FLEsHINO!

Get in on the Action
FLEsHINO’s Live Betting Experience

FLEsHINO is about to elevate your betting game with our latest live sports betting upgrades. Get ready to place your bets in real-time as you dive into the heart-pounding action of your favorite sports. From football to basketball, soccer, and beyond, we’re bringing you a wide range of events and markets to bet on.

Our live sports betting upgrades have more dynamic odds, quicker bet placement, and an enhanced, immersive betting experience. Stay tuned and prepare to experience the rush of live sports betting like never before with FLEsHINO. 

Popular modern games
Calm Play, Big Wins: Arcade Games

Get ready for a soothing gaming experience with FLEsHINO’s upcoming collection of modern arcade web games. Immerse yourself in the calming world of game such as match-3, puzzle, card, shooter, racing alongside a diverse range of other genres. These games are designed to be enjoyed for many hours while still providing top-notch graphics and engaging gameplay. With a smart monetization strategy, you can enjoy seamless in-game purchases that enhance your experience and support the platform’s growth. Our advertising revenue model also ensures rewards for both players and developers. Prepare to relax, earn, and be part of the new wave of gaming with FLEsHINO’s modern arcade web games.

Cadaver Pot Club


4:20 utc Munchines
Staking CPC NFTs & $FLEsH Tokens

CadaverPotClub NFT Staking on NFThor – Featured projects on NFThor get built-in, immutable smart contracts. Stake CPC NFTs and $FLESH tokens to satisfy your munchies with a daily drip of rewards at 420 UTC. Claim $FLESH, $ADY, and $ADYCASH, along with other rewards sent to the smart-contract. Funded by community mints and FLESHINO gaming buybacks, grab a Cadaver and a moonbag of $FLEsH to join the feast!

Coming Soon!